Cryotherapy Induced Lipolysis is one of the newest forms of non-invasive fat reduction, which involves cooling of the fat tissue to induce lipolysis without damage to other cells or tissue. It has been approved as the safest and most effective method of reducing stubborn areas for fat. 

The intense cold sensation triggers the crystalisation and breakdown of fat cells through a process known as apoptosis (apoptosis is a form of “programmed cell death” which is activated when a cell undergoes controlled cooling). The fat cells begin to shrink and are naturally metabolised and removed by the lymphatic system, resulting in the reduction of the fat layer.

Clients will be able to see 30-45% fat reduction in the treated area from a single session, with more after subsequent sessions. Unfortunately results are not immediate due to the gradual breakdown of fat cells and their slow, safe removal from the body. Results can be seen after just 3 weeks, but the full benefits are clearly visible after 2 -4 months. It is essential to accompany the treatments with a healthy lifestyle - diet and exercise - to optimise the benefits of the treatment.

This revolutionary new fat loss method is approved as an important  process for fat reduction.

For those people who are on a diet, do regular exercise but find it difficult to remove local fat in areas such as ‘love handles’ (flanks), loose fat above the hip, on both sides of the waist, back fat, belly as well as inner thighs and arms, cryotherapy induced lipolysis can produce excellent results. 

The treatment is ideal for clients who, despite healthy lifestyles, still have small pockets of fat that just will not respond to diet or exercise 


Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing

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